Cater with Care
Tasty and effective nutrition for elderly

A serious problem

The goal of this Cater with Care ® project is improving protein intake by adapting basic and familiar food products to the needs of elderly. By replacing familiar products by protein-enriched products, elderly consumers do not need to consume more or different products in order to improve their nutritional intake. New meal services with free choice were evaluated with respect to protein intake and patient satisfactory.

The collaboration between research institutes and care organizations made it possible to share knowledge about the target group, their nutritional needs and the causes of undernutrition. These insights were the basis to develop optimal nutrition for the daily menu. Sensory panels and patient groups tasted and evaluated new products. Several scientific studies have been performed on the effects of newly developed products on acceptance, protein intake, quality of life and nutritional status. New insights and market developments were discussed with care organizations and policy officers in order to widely implement the innovations. Cater with Care ® resulted in substantial new knowledge, new food products and services for improving health in the elderly. >>>> Read more

The Cater with Care® approach

Several steps are taken to develop the Cater with Care ® project. These steps can be summarized as follows